As a guest at Mashkinonje Lodge, you will have priviledged access to Mashkinonje Provincial Park from trails that connect directly from our resort. This beautiful park offers numerous opportunitites to the outdoor enthusiast including hiking, photography, birdwatching (click here for bird list), and more. 


Mashkinonje (native for muskellundge, a predatory fish inhabiting the surrounding waters of Lake Nipissing)  is approximately 50,000 acres in size with roughly 35 kms of winding trail systems ranging in length, ideal for beginner to experienced outdoor enthusiasts alike.  








The evolution of the Mashkinonje Provincial Park was brought about by special partnerships between the local communities and Ontario Parks. Mashkinonje was designated as a provincial park in 1963. The Friends of Mashkinonje were incorporated as a charity in the year 2000 and the Municipality of French River signed a formal agreement to participate in 2006.

Mashkinonje Provincial Park

Mashkinonje Park